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Cross-Border Production of Watermelon in Northwestern Loas

330.00 THB

The Feminization of Modernity: A Case Study of Women Migrant Workers in a Lao Garment Factory

330.00 THB

Border Development, Resettlement and Adaptation in a Special Economic Zone

300.00 THB

Burmese Migrant Domestic Workers

300.00 THB

Shifting Identities Perceptions and Experiences of the Burmese Nepali Diaspora in Urban Chiang Mai, Thailand

350.00 THB

Spaces of Exception Shifting Strategies of the Kokang Chinese Along the Myanmar/China Border

330.00 THB

Living with Opium Livinglihood Strategies among Rural Highlanders in Southern Shan State, Myanmar

300.00 THB

Commoditization of Culture in an Ethnic Community

280.00 THB

Japannese Retirement Migration in Chiang Mai Thailand

350.00 THB

Burmese-Muslim Social Networks in the Borderland: A case Study of Islam Bamroong Muslim Community in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand

420.00 THB

The Practice of Learning among Shan Migrant Workers in Chiang Mai

300.00 THB

The Village in Transition: Development and Socio-Economic and Cultural Change in Mae Lampong Village, Chiang Mai

300.00 THB

Land Grabbing as a Process of State-Buiding in Kachin Areas, North Shan State, Myanmar

330.00 THB

Interactions Between State and Non-State Actors in Resoutce Governance

320.00 THB

Citizenship in Myanmar Ways of Being in and From Burma

800.00 THB

Honey Bees of Asia: Microbes, Mites and Pests

400.00 THB

Thai Rice

400.00 THB

Mon-Khmer Peoples of the Mekong Region

650.00 THB

A Practical Guide to Research Projects For Students and Apprentice Researchers

450.00 THB

Climate Change Challenges in the Mekong Region

495.00 THB

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